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Julia Pajula


Exotic Pole Dance and Pole Fitness (tricks) classes for beginners and advanced students in groups and in private, one-on-one with the instructor.



One month program for those who never tried pole dancing before or had couple of lessons in the past. You will learn the foundations of pole dance technique, build strength, improve flexibility and learn basic dance combos.
Choose your pole dance style: Exotic or Fitness.

Exotic Pole Dance is the most sensual and tempting side of pole dancing. This is a choreography class in special high heeled shoes that will awaken your natural sensuality. 

Private lessons (pole dance, stretching, private dance) will be conducting according to students' needs and level.

About us

Welcome to Pole Dance & Fitness Studio. Welcome to Pole Dance & Fitness Studio. Whether you are a beginner or if you are an advanced pole dancer wanting to learn the latest tricks, or maybe you just want to improve your mobility and flexibility, or maybe you are ready for a hard work with weights and looking for a total body transformation, we have a class for you. At The Pole Dance & Fitness Studio we will provide you with a total body workout, regardless of your age, size or fitness level. 


 Pole Dance will increase your flexibility, help you lose weight, build your core strength, stamina and fitness and most importantly, it’s great fun.

Each Pole Dance lesson consists of a warm up, series of combos, spins, slides, leg work, poses and transitions on and around the pole.

Classes range from intro level to advanced level. So before you decide to visit us please contact our studio, so that we can recommend the best level for you.

Our studio has a dancing room with 8 poles and lobby were you can chill and have a cup of coffee.  We are looking forward to dancing with you. 




Do you want to learn how to dance like a pro? Don't waste your time making excuses because time flies by. I have been training in Julia's studio for more than a year and I'm happy for every girl in our group which is making great body and mind transformations. With Julia's professional help they become more feminine and self-confident and learn to control their bodies in beautiful dancing combos. It's not like going to gym to be in perfect shape it's about having a great time with new interesting people while pole dancing and watching yourself transforming physically and mentally.  And most precious is not even training itself as a personality you become after.


Besides amazing study material presenting and wonderful music, there is a great atmosphere where you can relax and let yourself and your body go and really enjoy and get inspired by the process. During the very first class you realize it is definitely not the last one so you are left wanting more.
Julia is a wonderful coach, who can teach anyone to dance even the most shy ones and make everyone feel themselves safe and comfortable here. So while someone is hula hooping other is dancing and here you will be taught to dance beautiful.



When I was watching Pole Dance competitions I couldn't even imagine that I would ever begin to pole dance myself and become so excited about it. Here at Julia's studio I found a place where I can perfect my body endlessly. If you want to be a good dancer you have to train hard. Stretching, strength training, functional training, choreography - these are all for pole dance 😍.
I'm very grateful to my friends @juliapajula и @irinazuka for a wonderful opportunity to be able to enjoy myself at their studio.


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Lacplesa street 125, Riga

Tel:  +371 29875365


p.k.: 241285-10402


Bank: Citadele

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